Travel History

Our travels as a family began in the 1970’s when the children were young or still being born.  On reflection, the reason for traveling in those days was probably more to do with my own enjoyment rather than doing it for the benefit and development of the kids. However, in later years the children have often made mention of the places they visited and the things we did when they were young.  I realize now that travel back then was an important contribution toward their education and development.

As my wife and I travel around now we often cross paths with young parents and their young children who have taken time out from work and school to do “the trip around the block” – as we say in Australia when travelers circle the entire country. We are really happy when we see these families and I can’t help telling the parents how their children will have wonderful memories and what an extraordinary contribution to the education of their children such a trip is.

I have put together a brief but, hopefully, interesting collection of old photos to depict life for us in each decade from the 1970’s to the present.

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