This is a travel blog but in the absence of recent long distance travel an exciting event in the Camellia bush in the backyard at Watsonia makes a short trip out the back door with a camera worthwhile.

Yesterday's EggsThis is day one for these Noisy Miner chicks and below is a photo of the proud mother.

Mother Mynah (1)

Mother and father spent the next few days incessantly going back and forth to the nest with food.

Here comes breakfast

The next phase of growth seemed to be learning to sing, something the chicks do constantly.

Choir practice

On the 5th day the chicks are much larger and trying to flex their wings.

Who's a big boy now.

But at this stage the parents are becoming increasingly protective.  Have a look at mum giving the Evil Eye!

Evil Eye

Along with some friends, they constantly dive bomb the photographer.  How they go about it is to dive from a high position then flare out their wings – presumably to look large and scary – at the same time making a clicking sound with their beak.  Here are some action shots.

Attack out of the sun, Biggles.

Attack out of the sun, Biggles

Attack of the Mynahs 4

Attack of the Mynahs

This should scare him


A clear message

That should have given him the message!

I’ll go round for another run.

Attack of the Mynahs 2